It has always been a dream for the MBBS Graduates of Bangladesh to practice medicine in the USA. It�s always better to start Medical Education and Career in the USA since it is highly rewarding there. But, it is not everyone�s cup of tea. It requires labor and wealth of riches. At the same time, it needs solid intuition from the very outset. Very soon most of the opportunities within the country will be saturated; and medical graduates have to look for jobs in the global market.By realizing all these, IML in collaboration with a US organization, has introduced, for the first time in the country, a license examination preparatory center which certainly will enable an access to the US job market. IML signed an agreement with the Northwestern Medical Review, USA for conducting preparatory programs here (visit: All the students of IMC will be fortunate to avail this opportunity before other medical colleges in Bangladesh and at special discounted rate.